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The Distinguished Savage Podcast

Jun 30, 2022

Matt Estridge is former DHS Counter Terror Operator and Instructor. Now he runs his businesses Tier One Tactics and FitDiesel Strength. Today we talk about L.I.V.E Program that combays active shooters. We also talk abouthis new upcoming app for FitDieselStrength! Matt is a wealth of knowledge in both these arenas and...

Jun 27, 2022

Travis Joyner is an LEO, Bjj Black Belt and an instructor for Sheep Dog. He joins me to talk about Jiu Jitsu, defensive tactics in law enforcement, seeing Austin change, and much more! You can find him on instagram @the_real_gray_man.

Jun 26, 2022

Savage Sunday is a short weekly episode about upcoming guests, reviews, recommendations, as well as upcoming training opportunities from the Distinguished Savage Podcast! This weeks review is on the Ocean Crawler Core Diver Fully Lumed V3 Dive Watch. Upcoming guests this week, Travis Joyner, LEO and Bjj Black Belt, and...

Jun 20, 2022

Kegan Smurf Gill is a former USNavy Pilot and F18 Super Hornet driver. His story is remarkable! He was forced to eject from aircraft at nearly the speed of sound seconds before it crashed in to the Atlantic and that was only the beginning of the his story! 

Jun 19, 2022

Savage Sunday is short episode about upcoming guests, reviews, recommendations, and all things distinguished, all things savage!