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The Distinguished Savage Podcast

Nov 30, 2021

Mike Carunchio is a Paramedic, Flight Medic, and Podcaster! His podcast The Worlds Okayest Medic is an EMS centric podcast that not only provides good clinical information but also highlights issues within the profession of EMS that do not get talked about often in a public forum. Mike is very smart, extremely savvy,...

Nov 28, 2021

Weekly updates on upcoming guests, book recommendations, and on this episode, gym EDC thoughts, nicotine as a PED, performance enhancing drug/ nootropic, and next weeks guests, Mike Caruchio of Worlds Okayest Medic Podcast and Ed Baswell former Air Force Special Operations Vet and 10thPlanet jiu jitsu practitioner! 

Nov 24, 2021

Matt Estridge is the founder of both and His training and certifications along with his vast background in Counter Terror Ops with DHS and his passion for teaching are absolutely incredible! He is a Bjj Blackbelt, as well as a highly sought after strength/ conditioning...

Nov 22, 2021

Fran Racioppi is the host of the host of The Jedburgh Podcast, journalist, and former Green Beret! I sit down with Fran and talk about leadership, finding excellence, and a host of topics around the idea of management versus leadership. The Jedburgh Podcast is sponsored by the Talent War Group,

Nov 21, 2021

Savage Sunday episode 6 for all your savages! This week I cover my personal EDC, a word or two on accessories making the gentleman or lady, some upcoming guests, and a book recommendation!