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The Distinguished Savage Podcast

Jul 23, 2021

Todd Fox is a Marine Corps Vet, Bjj Blackbelt, Executive Protection Specialist, Author and one of the most interesting people you've probably never heard of! On this episode we talk bjj, some amazing stories, his new book, Protection For and From Humanity, as well as new training program, Earn Your A. 

Jul 9, 2021

Brian Marren and Greg Williams of Arcadia Cognerati are Human Behavior Experts and hosts of the incredible show, The Left of Greg Podcast. In this episode we discuss the Julie Ann Gonzalez case! This is the fourth and final episode in this series on her disappearance in March 0f 2010 and the ultimate conviction of...

Jul 5, 2021

Dr. Carlos Vasquez is a Forensic Psychologist, Author, Podcaster and dear friend! In this episode he gives his insights in to the Julie Ann Gonzalez Case. This is the third in a series I'm doing on her disappearance.