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The Distinguished Savage Podcast

Jan 18, 2021

Tim Enlow has a storied past being in both the Army and the Marine Corps, and LEO, an Air Marshall, a contractor for Black Water, and now in Executive Protection! Tim was working a detail in Washington DC for his client on January 6th and was by the Capitol when it was breeched. His insights in to what happened that...

Jan 11, 2021

This episode is the Birthday Podcast Takeover by my good friend Erik Dimitriou of Alpha Omega Kydex Holsters for my 56th birthday! It was an absolutely incredible time being interviewed by him with questions from my past guests! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!

Jan 8, 2021

Cliff Byerly of Hill Country Combatives is a former Recon Marine with 4 Combat Deployments, former LAPD, a BJJ Black Belt, and one of the infamous Shiv Works Collective. We discuss the need for some kind of hand to hand to training, the need for training in small and enclosed places, and a myriad of other things...

Jan 4, 2021

Marion Hermann is a martial artist and visionary! She has formed an online presence for women who want to get in to martial arts and self defense called Lioness Legion. Marion is tenacious and just plain awesome! Check her out on IG @lionesslegion