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The Distinguished Savage Podcast

Oct 31, 2020

Theresa Wolff ER Nurse and Instagram Model joins me for a second episode to celebrate one of her favorite holidays Halloween! We talk movies, Ohio, and I get a deeper understanding of her in this conversation! You can find her on the Gram @nurse.wolff

Oct 23, 2020

Brian Collins is a paramedic and a training coordinator for LancasterCo EMS in Lancaster Co. South Carolina. He is a Purple Belt in Bjj and as you'll hear tremendously genuine and amazing guy! We talk about him just getting in to EMS and working the 9/11 scene on the day and after as well as his career in EMS and...

Oct 18, 2020

My first second time around guest, Chief James Pierson! We talk about the new Spear Violent Client Interaction Course, life, and everything in between! Chief Pierson is a mentor, a friend, and one solid guy! W

Oct 12, 2020

Sam Trujillo is a US Army Vet with combat deployment experience and a Paramedic and EMS Educator in Las Vegas. Sam has a storied past and his career in EMS is a fascinating one! He was one of the first EMS Providers on scene at the Route 91 Music Festival shooting in Vegas in 2017. This one will get you right in...

Oct 9, 2020

Steve Miles of ALIVE Combatives is a fascinating man! He teaches gun, edged weapons, and empty hand combatives and has blended a methodology for teaching all three from a pressure tested context. As Steve says, "Pressure is the currency of gunfighting" and he has broadened that thought process to all his teachings.