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The Distinguished Savage Podcast

Apr 28, 2020

Daniel Fredell is an Author, Coach, Jiu Jitsu Player and one hell of a guy! Training and Coaching at Fenix Jiu Jitsu in Hickory, North Carolina he takes his craft and fitness very seriously! He has authored two books, Simple to Savage Kettlebell and Jits Fit, A Grapplers Guide to Fitness, available on Amazon and book...

Apr 24, 2020

Russ Kellar is a retired firefighter with 28 years of service with the Austin Fire Dept. He's co-owner of RnR Rescue, a training and consulting company for industrial and fire service, and owner of UpTex Shooting Range where he hosts classes taught by some of the biggest names in the shooting industry. He's one helluva...

Apr 20, 2020

Tony Blauer is a true pioneer in the self defense industry! His Spear System and his work with the psychology of fear and its management is truly groundbreaking! For more info on his work and training visit and Tony's podcast, Know Fear. 

Apr 18, 2020

Brian Marren and Greg Williams are the hosts of the Left of Greg Podcast. It was incredible to sit down and ask these men questions! Brian is the VP of Operations and Greg is the Director of Training and Innovation for Arcadia Cognerati, a training and consulting firm that teaches advanced critical thinking skills using...

Apr 13, 2020

Erik Dimitriou is the owner/ operator of Alpha Omega Kydex Holsters. He works with SheepDog Response as well as doing R&D and product development for Local and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. It was an honor and pleasure to sit down and hear about his process and some amazing stories! Enjoy the show! Walt